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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


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Everett a test for Wal-Mart

Chilean park mixes beauty and isolation
San Jose Mercury News - CHAITEN, Chile - After a fitful night of sleep on the ferry from Puerto Montt, I climbed out of my seat and stepped into the cold and wind to watch the Chilean Patagonia emerge from the morning mist. At first I could make out only the graceful curves ...

Frankencotton, the Shirt: Coming Soon to a Wardrobe Near You
New York Times - Readers may imagine the reason is that there is no such thing as a genetically modified shirt, and they would be half right. The shirt genome has yet to be mapped, and the heritability of sleeve length is not widely accepted in either the textile or ...

Everett a test for Wal-Mart
Everett Herald - EVERETT - Signs of Wal-Martapos;s effort to lure a wider range of shoppers through its doors are subtle in the mammoth retailerapos;s first Everett store, but theyapos;re there. The aisles generally are wider, merchandise isnapos;t stacked to the ceiling, and ...

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